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Lisa Harris is a Dublin based solo musician and a graduate of both BCFE Rock School and BIMM, currently signed under the stage name “Venus de Vilo” to alternative German record label “Undead Artist Records“.

2014 saw Lisa bring the music of Venus de Vilo to cartoon life by launching a unique range of self-written and illustrated Gothic-horror comic books covering everything from the dark side of love, life, music and nerd culture.

Productively channeling her natural flair for dramatics, Lisa has threaded the boards on both sides of theatre. From a production point of view at the Abbey Theatre for their 1916 projects and as a professional Scare Performer at both Dublin’s Castle Dracula and The Nightmare Realm.

2018 saw Lisa’s move into the world of online journalism with the founding of Straight Outta Kanto, Ireland’s newest blog on nerd culture, nostalgia, nosense and more…!

In 2019 the desire to turn Straight Outta Kanto into a podcast presented Lisa with the opportunity to further explore her first love, radio. (Particularly pop-tastic high energy radio – anything you can yowl along with into a hairbrush, really.)

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